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  • Compostable tents – a revolution for festival camping

    As we attempted to construct biodegradable tents – we recently received the news from a Belgian landfill organization that our tents are in fact compostable tents. Compostable tents There is a big difference between biodegradable and compostable. And both terms are misused over and over again. Here is a link to a good article. Biodegradable […]

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  • Branded biodegradable tents for camping

    Why we make biodegradable tents At Fling Tent we worked for years to develop a biodegradable tents for camping on music festivals. The reason for this is clear. Every single year around 3.000.000 tents are left abandoned on European festival campings. Almost all – a lot more than 99% – of those tents are ade […]

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  • Tent Design – working on the Fling Tent

    We’re constantly working on improving our tent design. As we wrote in an other article – we had to re-inventĀ the tent. Tent Design What seems logical from the start – does not after taking a close look. The Fling Tent is no more different than many other tents on shape. But our demands we so […]

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