We’re constantly working on improving our tent design. As we wrote in an other article – we had to re-invent the tent.

Tent Design

What seems logical from the start – does not after taking a close look. The Fling Tent is no more different than many other tents on shape. But our demands we so different that it is not only thinking different for us – but also for the sample-makers and the factories.


Such a different fabrics means that there is no standard machines to make these tents. Machines need to be made for our tent. Making the samples takes a lot more time than most other products. And more samples need to be made. Every little “stupid” details suddenly needs full attention in order to make the Fling Tent a reliable partner for your nights.

Tent Design - every detail needs attention

Tent Design – every detail needs attention

Moreover – we had to vist and contact dozens of factories in order to find just a couple that we able to handle the tent design and make the Fling Tent.

Bio Degradable

The fabrics we use have never ever been used for tents before. They belong to the group of PLA fabrics. Which means that they are biodegradable under influence of bacterias and other natural causes. They won’t biodegrade during your festival days – don’t worry.

As for now – we don’t call the tent Bio Degradable yet for two reasons. We still need to do some testing on the fabrics. And secondly – there is a few parts that are not (yet) biodegradable. Such as poles and pegs. Pegs already exist biodegradable -but in that case the tent would become a lot more expensive.

By the way – the poles are not bio degradable – but they are  made from recycled plastics.


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