When we first started thinking about the Fling Tent – a few years ago – we soon realized that we had to start by forgetting everything we learned from tents. Inventing tents is really a work from scratch.

A lot of nothing

What we came up – when starting re- inventing tents – was a lot of nothing. Nothing?

That’s right – we really brought our tent design back the the very basics. Why?

We wanted our tent to be very affordable and still reliable to compete with dump stores.

Because we wanted to work with eco friendly fabrics. And to make recycling possible in the future we had to make our tents from – as far as possible – a one single kind of fabric.

Comparing to most other tents – here is a list of what you cannot find on our tent designs:

  • No guy lines (they are not used on festivals anyway)
  • Only four pegs
  • No inner tent (that would need another kind of fabric)
  • No zippers (that’s right – we could not find eco-zippers)
  • No Velcro’s
Fling Tent prototype door - stripped down to simplicity

Fling Tent prototype door – stripped down to simplicity

Re- inventing tents and keep the function

We did not wanted to downgrade our Fling Tent by pushing down the function.

The Fling Tent is:

  • Compact in our luggage (way more compact than those popup frisbee-like tents)
  • Light to carry
  • Absolutely waterproof
  • Easy to pitch
  • Easy to fold
  • Small footprint so that it be pitched between all those other tents
  • Very affordable

Did we mentioned the small ecological footprint? Do you realize how many tents were abandoned last 10 years? Do you know how most of them were produced?

Support us and speak about it. Use social media. We are soon going to launch a kickstarter project to be able to launch the tent. Meanwhile – visit our website.