All you need is love ... and a Fling Tent

Why is it that you are going to a multi-day music festival? To have fun – isn’t it. To enjoy the music, friends, lover, … You’re not going to the festival just for the camping. All you need is love … and a fling tent.

A tent is the least of your worries

A tent is the least of your worries. Leave that to us. It’s our worry. We’re Fling Tent. The only thing you have to do it to make sure you order one of the limited edition 2016 tents. And then – wait for the first festival have fun.



Fling Tent does is for you


Fling Opgerolde deur kopieWe do it for you. We designed a tent that will keep you safe and comfortable for your stay at the music festivals. We have taken care for your privacy.

And we have taken care of the ecological impact.

That’s right. The Fling Tent is made from Peva fabrics. Until recently this fabric was only used for eco-friendly and healthy shower curtains. Most shower curtains are possible cancer provoking.

Peva is a synthetic fabric that is made without known toxic additives. It’s possibly the most eco friendly budget fabric for tents.

It took us years to develop the technology to make tents from this fabric. But that’s not your worry.

All you need is love… with a fling tent

Go and enjoy the festival. Enjoy with your company. We are taking care for your love for the planet.

See you this summer on the campsite.



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