Why we need compostable tents

  • Biodegradable tents – or even better: compostable tents. Let’s clarify why we started producing these tents. There is plenty of benefits for everyone.

    Why people leave their tent behind

    We started producing the for people visiting music festivals. Millions of tents are left abandoned at the end of the biggest European music festivals. It seems crazy. It’s agains the principles of almost everyone. But during mass events our principles make place for the psyche of the mass, which is some kind of a simple behavior that matches the mass. There is more reasons:

    • Too difficult to put back in it’s package
    • Dirty and difficult to clean
    • Damaged
    • Not comfortable anyway
    • It’s a cheap tent
    • No emotional value to the tent

    Most people want to buy a cheap tent for these mass events. Unfortunately these cheap tents are not made from environmental friendly fabrics. These tents are not compostable tents.

    At the end of the music festival up to 40% of the tents are left behind.


    Compostable tents – one solution

    Because we know that this behavior is not going to change right away – we decided to deliver something completely different – yet the very same.

    With huge efforts we found a way to produce biodegradable tents. Even better – compostable tents.

    Compostable tens are biodegradable. But it does not mean that they biodegrade as you’re sleeping in it. It takes longer and it needs the influence of several microorganisms.  It’s still nog good to leave it behind on the campsite.

    But if you do – our tents can be composted in a compost-waste-system (depending on the country). We are also sure that no micro plastics will ever reach the ocean and add to the big plastic soup in the oceans.

    We still prefer you to use our tents several times before you decide to drop it.

    Fling Tents

    We are so proud that we did it. After many years of investigation we can now produce compostable tents. This was nog an easy task as no one in the world had experience with it. No tools existed to produce it. It took us huge efforts to reach a level of quality that satisfied us enough. We are still continuously researching the subject and getting better.

    Presenting the compostable tent

    Jakob De Proft presenting the compostable tent (Fling Tent) for a Youtube presentation.

    What we want is to deliver you a good budget tent produced with the most ecological fabrics possible. Why would you buy a crap tent instead of our ethical tent?


Geschiedenis van de tent (Dutch only)Flingtents are hard to produce