Flingtents are hard to produce

  • Flingtents are hard to produce

    Some people told us it was impossible to produce high quality biodegradable tents for a low price. But as long as we held the picture in our mind – all help came from so many unexpected sources.



    We had contact with manufacturing plants all over the world. And until a few months ago – nobody was able to produce tents with our strict  quality terms. We needed biodegradable fabric, pegs and mesh. We wanted the fabric to be printable.

    In fact – nobody was able to produce it with existing machines. That is why we invested a lot of time and why we drove our partners totally crazy by pushing through. 

    We wanted a fun, yet cheap, festival camping tent with respect for environment and human rights. 

    Well – we do have it now. And you’re soon going to see the results. The factory we work with is working with new machines that make it possible for a lot of people to order a Flingtent. 


    You will see more – we’re also working on other products like sleeping pads – with the same requirements.

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