Cradle to cradle tent

We finally succeeded. We’re closing the circle. After use the Fling Tents can be recycled to new products.

Fling Tent is closing a deal with an international waste company. When we came with our products they were so enthused that they immediately decided to support is in any way they can.

Any other tent is low value waste. They cannot be recycled to quality products. In fact – the only thing that can be done with other tents is to burn them – preferable in an energy plant. It should be burned at extremely high temperature to avoid harmful gasses.

That’s not the case with the Fling Tent. Even when burned – the Fling Tent does not cause harmful gasses. But moreover – most of the fabric is quality fabric that can be reused to new products. Because of the biodegradability the possibilities are quite diverse.

The joint venture we’re closing with this company gives us new inspiration as they can supply us with new environmental friendly and recycled fabrics for future products.

Jakob De proft working on new designs

Flingtents are hard to produce