As we attempted to construct biodegradable tents – we recently received the news from a Belgian landfill organization that our tents are in fact compostable tents.

Compostable tents

There is a big difference between biodegradable and compostable. And both terms are misused over and over again. Here is a link to a good article.

Biodegradable means that the fabric will “fall apart” under influence of micro organisms. ┬áIt will make sure no micro plastics end up in the ocean.

Not every biodegradable fabric is compostable. In many cases it might contaminate the compost leaving a contaminated residu.

We were very happy with that and silently hoping for better.

Compostable means that the fabric can be decomposed (best under industrial circumstances) completely.

The Fling Tents are made from 100% compostable fabrics!

Fling Tents are compostable tents

Fling Tents are compostable tents

The meaning – for us

Two things are possible. A lot of individuals might buy our tents. We now know for sure that the fabric of the tent will not harm the environment if the tent enters the waste system of any country.

In festival conditions the benefits are even bigger. The tents can be collected all together and brought to a decomposing installation. That is the best step we could imagine.

Compostable tents – a revolution in the festival camping world.

The meaning – for you

For you it’s simple. Here are some key benefits:

  • Low budget tent
  • Low environmental footprint
  • Cool looking
  • Easy to carry -> compact and low weight
  • Can be used several times

How does the Fling Tent look like?

At this moment we have only one Fling Tent – call it the original. It’s a small 2-person tent.

Don’t have you mislead by the colors! Yes, the pictures shows a white tent. But our samples are not printed yet. That will be the case when we produce them – very soon from now!


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