Branded biodegradable tents for camping

Why we make biodegradable tents

At Fling Tent we worked for years to develop a biodegradable tents for camping on music festivals. The reason for this is clear. Every single year around 3.000.000 tents are left abandoned on European festival campings.

Almost all – a lot more than 99% – of those tents are ade from environmental harmful fabrics. They cannot be recycled – they can hardly be burnt without producing harmful gasses. And there is the continuous risk that plastics or microplastics reach the ocean and pile up the plastic soup.

Biodegradable doesn’t mean that tents are single use – or that they biodegrade as you’re sleeping in it. It means that they slowly biodegrade under the influence of micro organisms. You should not leave the tent outside all summer next to a compost pile.

By the way – our tents are not yet suitable as compostable tents. That would be a lie. That proces would take a lot longer than ordinary compostable products like food and leaves.

Biodegradable Fling Tent

Fling Tent makes biodegradable tents. We’re a sample pitched next to Buckingham Palace.

Be the first to brand a biodegradable tent

Thanks to the collaboration with different big brands and factories we are now able to produce tents made from biodegradable fabrics. In that sense we’re very first ever.

Without any other proces our tens are bight white. Not the best choice. But luckily we can print this fabric with a 4-color print. Anything is possible – depending on our customers imagination. It could be great patterns, pictures, tattoos, … – or fully branded.

We’re launching in spring 2016. Your company can be the first to have a fully branded biodegradable tent. Contact us for more!


Why branded?

It’s actually a good way to promote a brand in a very green way. It can be given away as a free or cheap gift to customers. You’re doing it for the environment and you’re nice to the people who stay in the tent. Isn’t that a win-win?

The festival camp sites are visible by thens of thousands of young people. A great looking tents that re-occurs makes it very visible.

Some things you should know:

  • First biodegradable budget tent in the world
  • Designed for use on mass events like music festivals
  • The Look&Feel possibilities are limited by your imagination
  • Budget tent that competes with most other budget tents from other fabrics
  • Our standard version is a 2-person dome tent



Cartoon Fling Pee

Some prints can speed up biodegradation of the tent


Fling Tents are available in Europe, Canada and the USA. It’s a product from Sheltercare BVBA.


Fling Piramide

Working on another prototype for 2017.

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